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NOW OFFERING Continuing Education

Henderson Nail Academy offers Continuing Education classes which have been approved by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts. These classes are open to licensed cosmetologists, manicurists and those who hold teachers license in those areas. These classes, dates, and costs are listed here and on the NC State Board Website: www.nccosmeticarts.com

If you have any questions about Henderson Nail Academy Classes or wish to register for class you may call 336-375-3335 or email to nailacademy@att.net

North Carolina State Board Continuing Education Requirements

CE classes are required for Cosmetology and Esthetics license renewal.

·         Cosmetologists may complete up to 24 hours of CE at any time within the three-year licensing cycle.

·         Estheticians and Manicurists must complete 8 hours yearly to renew license.

·         Teachers must complete 16 hours every 2 years for license renewal.

·         The 16 hours for your Teachers License is credited towards your 24 hours of Cosmetology CE Hours.

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